Are We There Yet ??

We are evolving faster than We actually know. We are Humans but are we actually Humans? Let's give this a thought... There is only one road which leads to make us Human and that's Knowledge... Let's move ahead of defined Education Join us at EdYaasum..

With Hope From Yaasum

 !! With Hope From Yaasum !! Welcome & Thanks for reading our first post on Papers Yaasum. We @ Yaasum are excited to announce our MultiMarket Platform which deals in multiple business segments, primarily Education Technologies, HealthCare Technologies, Restaurant Management Systems, Point of Sales, Marketplaces for Digital Contents and Online Courses, a multimarket ( services ) marketplace for Non-Technical freelancers from a range of service segments. Current Situations: As we see the current situations and global crisis have entirely changed the Human Behavior over last one year. We see we are more dependent on Online Platforms for most of our daily routines and requirements, even the social economic spaces have made major advancements towards thinking of getting digital not just because of this COVID situation rather also as a major mental shift, certain fields like Education have drastically moved to Online Mediums, similarly Health Segment has also tried to shift certain base